Skipton French Restaurant

Le Bistro des Amis


Vive La Difference!

Instead of 'live well', the French say 'eat well'. C'est la vie - such is the way of life at Le Bistro des Amis in Skipton.

Le Bistro Des Amis

Le Bistro Des Amis

Le Bistro Des Amis is proud to be situated in the beautiful market town of Skipton in North Yorkshire. Our cosy, laid back atmosphere and tasty food means we're the perfect place for if you want to pop in for a quick coffee or beer or linger over a full three-course dinner. Our Franco/Yorkshire twist means that we serve classic French dishes alongside some British favourites and modern European cuisine. We source our ingredients either locally or from famous French markets because we believe top quality produce speaks for itself. Our staff are super friendly and efficient so whether you're out with friends, family or just popping out on your own, come meet our welcoming team, relax and enjoy the flavours.

We've been full of the joie de vivre since we opened in December 2010. We feel truly honoured to have become a firm favourite of the locals in Skipton and we would like to say thank you to all our customers for making life here at Le Bistro so enjoyable.

Le Bistro Des Amis

The restaurant has thrived on our ethos of 'everyone's welcome' by ensuring that customers are comfortable whether out for a special meal or just popping by for a beer or a coffee. We hope you can relax in our homely atmosphere and savour the Flavours we provide. And why not bring the youngsters to enjoy it too? We provide a full 'menu des enfants' for your little ones. And don't be fooled by our French name, we think of ourselves as French with a modern European twist. Not only do we serve French food such as French Onion Soup and Beef Bourguignon, but you can also be guaranteed a sumptuous Sunday Roast or a tasty sandwich.

Le Bistro Des Amis

Le Patron is restaurateur and chef, Luc Daguzan who created Le Bistro over three years ago with a dream of bringing the panache, style and cuisine of France to Skipton, combined with good-old, honest Yorkshire values. Luc is a proud self-proclaimed Yorkshire-Frenchman, having lived in Skipton for many years. His passion for simple, authentic dishes shines through in everything on the menu so you'll be sure to enjoy Le Bistro's Franco-Yorkshire experience. All of Le Bistro's ingredients are either sourced locally or from France's markets so every dish is of the freshest traceable quality!

Le Bistro has become popular with locals and is a great experience for first time visitors to Skipton alike, who often promise to return, having enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, great food and friendly service. It is a family run business with a great team of local people who are all passionate about what they do - and that is to make sure you enjoy a great experience at Le Bistro.